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Benefits of Physical Activity for Seniors


As one of the leading providers of senior care in Michigan, we are experts when it comes to senior health and wellness. Here are some of the amazing benefits of physical activity for the elderly:

  • Physical activity can help avoid many illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. It can also help boost the overall function of the immune system. According to studies, even light and moderate physical activity can be a great preventive tool.
  • Physical activity can help improve mental health. While exercising, the body produces “feel good” hormones known as endorphins, which keep you satisfied and happy. That is why exercise often acts as a stress reliever for most people and can improve sleep quality.
  • Physical activity can help decrease your risk of falls. Falls are common in the elderly, and they can cause one to lose their independence. Many exercises improve one’s flexibility, strength, sense of balance, and coordination and thus, reducing fall risks.
  • Physical therapy can help seniors get the regular physical activity they need to stay healthy. So, consider consulting with a therapist.

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