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Why Elders Hesitate to Seek for Help


As people age, they encounter more problems, especially concerning their overall health. With the decline in health that could result in mobility issues, the elderly may not be able to perform things as efficiently as they used to like attending to their personal care or performing their part in the community.

However, despite the need for support, a lot of seniors are hesitant about the idea of a retirement center or seeking assisted living.

It can be worrying to see a loved one have trouble remembering to do groceries or fail to commit to their health monitoring, and not be able to do something about it because they are resistant to any form of support.

As guardians and caregivers, the first thing we can do about it is to trace where the root of the resistance stems from. It could be a number of things, ranging from their shame and frustration on losing their independence or their desire not to be a burden to family members. To overcome this hurdle, we must discuss senior care plans with the patient, and in a manner that would not overwhelm them. Our senior care in Michigan encourages that the senior patient is included in making the plans because this makes them feel like they still have control over their lives instead of just accepting whatever is given to them.

The treatment program of our assisted living home in Detroit, Michigan focuses not only on our client’s recovery but also on building a life of wellness for them where they can also partake in different activities like crafting and interacting with the community.

For much-needed senior care, we offer a plethora of services at Passion and Caring Home for The Elderly LLC.

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