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Creating Friendship in Your New Home


Many seniors believe they have no one with whom to socialize or participate in recreational activities. This does not have to be the case, because moving to an assisted living home in Detroit, Michigan means you’ll be surrounded by other individuals who are eager to make new friends and share their favorite hobbies with someone!

Here are some ideas on how you or a loved one can make new friends in Passion and Caring Home For The Elderly LLC.

  • Instead of returning to your apartment room to surf the internet, you can do it in the common area. You may even bring some cards and board games to pass the time or use as conversation starters with whoever is present. The trick is to spend more time outdoors in your room.
  • Sharing a meal with your other residents is an excellent opportunity to begin conversing and making new acquaintances! You’ll love your meal times far more if you dine with the right people, and you’ll also enjoy your time spent with them outside of mealtimes!
  • One of the best features of a retirement center is the variety of events available to keep you occupied and help you meet new people. There are traditional bingo games available, as well as art courses and talent show. It might even be as basic as a card game! You’re bound to find some activities that you enjoy. You should make the most of these opportunities.

Aside from competent senior care in Michigan, we have fantastic places to maintain an active social life and establish new and trustworthy friends.

We also provide housekeeping services and health monitoring for our residents.

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