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Living Space for Your Loved Ones


Moving can be a difficult and emotional process for your loved ones. The whole process can be filled with doubts, hesitations, and a whole whirl of emotions. The feelings your loved ones feel when moving to a retirement center are already expected and totally understandable.

However, let us bear in mind that it is for the best and we can only do so much to get them the best possible quality of senior care in Michigan and help them adapt to their new home.

One way we can help them healthily come to terms with their move to a senior center is to provide them with a safe place that still feels like home to them. Their bedroom could be their best safe space. Spicing up their bedrooms and making them comfortable for them can help ease their anxieties and reduce their feelings of loneliness.

In modifying your loved one’s bedrooms in an assisted living home in Detroit, Michigan, take note of these tips:

  • Use beddings, pillows, linens, and curtains they’re used to unless they request new ones.
  • If their bedrooms have enough space, bring in some of their most treasured furniture. Make sure the pieces are still in good condition.
  • Never forget to bring their own toiletries, grooming equipment, and continence products. Having them bring their own kitchen utensils is also a great idea.
  • Amp up their bedrooms with seasonal and all-time favorite decorations they have from home.
  • Picture frames are the most important pieces your loved one’s rooms should have as they help boost their mood.

Trust Passion and Caring Home For The Elderly LLC to provide your loved ones the care they need and deserve. We offer comprehensive elder care services with compassion and we ensure your loved ones adapt to their new home healthily.

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