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Making Assisted Living Feel Like Home


It is not easy to transition to and assisted living home in Detroit, Michigan. Many seniors are saddened to leave their homes and things behind, even if their transfer is necessary due to a health crisis.

While a retirement center can never replace a family home, you may assist your loved one in making the most of their new space, routine, and community.

Moving to assisted living is a mental as well as a physical transition. Instead of referring to their prior dwelling as “home,” begin referring to the assisted living facility as “home.” Allow your loved one time to adjust to their new surroundings and routine.

You can help them decorate their assisted living unit with some of their most prized possessions, such as a beloved chair, lamp, or side table. Other decorations, such as blankets or throw pillows, can help make the new place feel more inviting. Your loved one may also want to display art or family photos and other meaningful items.

Make sure to take your loved one to the community before moving them into assisted living. If your loved one has already visited the place and met a few caregivers or residents, they will feel more at ease when they move in.

At Passion and Caring Home For The Elderly LLC, your loved one will be surrounded by a caring community of caregivers and residents dedicated to aiding people in becoming self-sufficient. Residents frequently discover that as a result of the elder care they receive, they have more free time.

Are you considering assisted living for a loved one? Contact us immediately.

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We also provide physical and occupational therapy!

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