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Facts About Moving to an Assistive Living Home to Avoid Feeling Guilty


One of the most difficult decisions you’ll ever have to make in your life is whether or not to place your aging parent in a retirement center.

For one of the following three reasons, you may feel bad about relocating a parent or spouse into an assisted living facility.

As a provider of senior care in Michigan, we will explain why the following beliefs are false and why the situation has rendered your decision inescapable:

Common belief: You’ve failed in your duty to care for them.
Reality: That’s not true. You’re not a failure for putting their health and safety first. Giving them the degree of care they require is a difficult decision that may not be doable at home in the long run.

Common belief: You’re not as good a caregiver as you should be.
Reality: You’re trying your best and that is enough. Comparison is useless as each family story is different. In some cases, if your health is being harmed, or if someone else is at risk of harm, it’s time to relocate.

Common belief: If you hadn’t made the move, their health wouldn’t have deteriorated.
Reality: That’s not the case. If you hadn’t decided to relocate them to a senior center, things could have been much worse. Because the degree of care they required could no longer be provided at home, you were forced to make this difficult decision to place them in a facility.

At Passion and Caring Home For The Elderly LLC, an assisted living home in Detroit, Michigan, we are committed to promoting and maintaining the quality of life of your senior loved one. Contact us today to learn more about our programs!

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