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Field Trip for Seniors: Why It Makes Sense


Field trips are not just for kids. Anyone who enjoys something new is set to benefit from visiting a new place. As a trusted Assisted Living Home in Detroit, Michigan, we understand the importance of keeping seniors engaged. Thus, we prepare as much as we can to organize fun and safe visits across desirable locations.

Staying at a Retirement Center brings out many benefits. Your loved one’s Personal care is attended to 24/7 by dedicated personnel. As much as we maintain a homey atmosphere, we also prepare external activities they may enjoy.

  • A trip outside the home is a breath of fresh air.
    Seeing something new can be relaxing. Your senior loved one gets to experience a different atmosphere they can enjoy. Whether it is a trip in state parks or gardens, nothing beats smelling fresh air.
  • A trip outside is a feast for the eyes.
    When we stay at one place, we are used to what that place has to offer. But once we get out, we see so much. Let your senior loved ones appreciate the beauty of the world and live with the times. They get to see the vibrant colors and exciting outdoor activities.
  • A trip outside is a new learning experience.
    Learning never stops and as they venture out, they experience something new. They see progress or they get to see a new place in town. Your loved one will surely appreciate learning about these updates.

When it comes to Senior Care in Michigan, you have a name you can count on.

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